Public Schools
Public Schools

Our North Atlanta Cluster is comprised of 6 Elementary Feeder Schools, 1 Middle School & 1 High School, each rich in diversity and recognized as an

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Transportation School Problems
Transportation Problems on the Approach of the School Year

Over the summer, as a cluster, we met with Mr John Franklin, our new district Executive Director of Transportation, to share our feedback regarding

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Why School Is A Waste of Time?
Why School Is A Waste of Time?

A school is an organized educational establishment designed to offer specific learning environments and learning spaces for the learning of young

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Teacher Training
North Atlanta High School to Host IB Teacher Training

North Atlanta High School will host training for International Baccalaureate teachers as more Atlanta schools offer the IB curriculum The Atlanta

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A School Portal and Platform for Parents and Teachers!

“Electronic diary” is a service that helps parents to take an active and better part in the upbringing and educational process of their children, as well as provides a clearer and higher quality exchange of information with teachers, class teacher and school administration. Parents get the opportunity to verify the correctness of homework records and monitor its implementation, as well as analyze and plan, together with the student, his current progress. Quick personal loan by using low interest. Pay a visit to cash loans in an hour Philippines in addition to get compensated correct now.

One of the principles of openness today is, of course, the work of the websites of educational institutions and the School Portal. These are online surveys, and the activities of the additional education system – all the information that can be taken in one place about the entire education system. Speedy bank loan having low interest. Visit Cashalo review and also receive cash correct now.

Parental control over the school success of their children is one of the most important conditions for resolving conflict situations in school and family, timely identification of problems in the learning and behavior of their child. Unfortunately, modern parents, due to being busy at work, are deprived of the opportunity to once again go to school and talk with teachers and the class teacher.

The Electronic Classbook is the latest grade tracking system for schools and other educational institutions. A great tool for administrators and teachers, which facilitates their daily paperwork, and the electronic student diary is a convenient assistant for parents to monitor their child’s academic progress and keep in touch with the school. For more than three years, the system of electronic journals and diaries has been familiar to teachers and parents.

School Portal 2022

Features and Benefits

  • The electronic magazine is available in any place where there is an Internet.
  • Parents and students at any time convenient for them can see the current grades in the subject and homework.
  • There is no need to “stand in line” for the magazine, as is often the case in schools, when teachers cannot pass each other a class magazine for a long time to fill in quarter grades. What can we say about class teachers and administration, who should work on the basis of the study periods with an already completed magazine.
  • Access to system data is regulated according to user permissions.
  • Information is provided to administration, teachers, parents and students in strict accordance with their rights.
  • Information entering the Electronic Journal immediately becomes available on the site. Always up-to-date information about schedule changes, substitutions, any significant events.
  • Along with the speed with which information becomes available, there is another noticeable advantage for the school administration: when working with many magazines, it is no longer necessary to arrange the order of work with different classes, since it is always clear which part of the magazines are already filled out, and in addition, you can control the work of teachers in the magazines of different classes.

The school portal provides several more features that the electronic journal and diary did not have before – the ability to communicate directly with any teacher and member of the school administration through electronic correspondence, and organizing the portal as a separate social network allows you to create interest groups and communicate with parents among themselves.

The convenient and understandable interface of the portal, the availability of entry even through the phone and the speed of filling make the portal popular among parents and teachers.