A List of Museums in Atlanta

A List of Museums in Atlanta

There is a vast number of museums in Atlanta, but not all of them are easily accessible. A comprehensive list of the best attractions will give you a good idea of what the city has to offer. While a list of museums in Atlanta may include the National Gallery, you may also want to consider the Southeastern Railway Museum, which features nearly 90 pieces of historic railroad equipment. You can also take a short train ride through the museum for a small fee.

Located near the King Center, APEX Museum highlights the contributions of African Americans to America. A look at the nation through the eyes of African Americans, this museum examines the African Holocaust during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, explores the history of Atlanta’s first African-owned businesses, and highlights the accomplishments of black chemist Alice Ball. Whether you’re looking for an interactive exhibit or a moving presentation, you’ll find something of interest on the APEX Museum’s website.


The High Museum, located on the University of Georgia campus, is one of the best places to visit when visiting Atlanta. This museum has a permanent collection of works by renowned artists. You can see paintings, sculptures, furniture, and even cars. The museum also has an impressive collection of African and Roman art. For families, the museum is free to visit for as long as six people. This museum is open seven days a week and is well worth a visit.

Despite the city’s turbulent past, the city has managed to emerge as a vibrant art and culture hub. At the High Museum, you can see the work of internationally-renowned artists, including Auguste Rodin, which was donated to the city after his plane crashed in 1962. The museum has a strong photography program, and hosts regular touring exhibits. You can even take a field trip here to learn more about modern masculinity.

The Center for Civil and Human Rights, located near the King Center, focuses on the contributions of African Americans. The museum offers an interactive gallery on the Civil War and highlights the history of Atlanta. Visitors can learn about the achievements of the first black-owned business in Atlanta, as well as the evolution of the South. This museum is a must-visit for people visiting the city. If you’re looking for a list of the top museums in Atlanta, then you’ve come to the right place! The following are a few of the best museums in Atlanta.

The Atlanta History Center is an important part of the city’s cultural and political history. Founded in 1926 by a group of Atlantans, it was later re-established in the 1990s. It displays the political and cultural history of Atlanta. The museum’s collection includes many Civil War art objects and written commentary on the Native American history of Georgia. The center also has a wonderful exhibition of folk art. The Museums in the Atlanta area are a great place to visit if you’re interested in the city’s past.

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The High Museum of Art is the largest museum in Atlanta. It is part of the Woodruff Arts Center and was founded in 1905 as the Atlanta Art Association. In 1926, the High family donated the property and donated the house to the museum. In 1955, a new location was built adjacent to the original home. The building is now the home of the largest Western Art museum in the country. It is a popular spot for children to visit, and is the perfect place for families with young children.

The Michael C. Carlos Museum is located in downtown Atlanta and offers free admission. Its temporary exhibits have varied themes and focus on the contributions of African Americans. The museum has African art, Egyptian and Greek art, and has a fascinating history. The Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium is the only museum in Atlanta that offers free admission for six people or less. However, there are several other great museums in Atlanta, which are worth a visit.

APEX Museum is located near The King Center. This museum is focused on the contributions of African Americans and tells the story of our nation through the eyes of African Americans. You can explore the museum’s exhibits on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the achievements of a chemist named Alice Ball. All of these are fascinating and unique experiences that you should not miss. There are many more museums in Atlanta to choose from, so be sure to plan a visit!