City of Atlanta, Invest Atlanta & APS Agreement

We encourage parents and stakeholders to become aware of the facts so we can ensure contractual and financial obligations are adhered to and APS is compensated for its partnership in the Beltline TAD. The lack of resolution is impacting our school system’s budget and funding toward educating our students. PILOT payments could be utilized to fund additional teachers in the classroom, thereby reducing class size, provide wrap around services for our students and also support a city-wide rollout of a much needed Pre-K program so we can reduce our drop-out rate and increase overall student achievement throughout our system.

Ask your City Council, Mayor & Board of Education to uphold the terms of the contract. If there is a legal option to re-negotiate terms then do so in the spirit of cooperation and with the original intent of the document: APS was to contribute to the development of the Beltline without assuming an unreasonable amount of risk.

Background on TAD:

Recognized Facts pertaining to our school system, as we know them:

Below is a listing of our Atlanta Board of Education Representatives, City of Atlanta Council Members and Mayor. Please reach out to them and convey your opinion on having them foster healthy, positive and future forward dialogue for all parties involved. Both of these organizations have the ability to succeed together for the good of our communities and students.

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